Nadiya Bakes

Nadiya shares her love of baking with some of her favourite recipes. From everyday treats to indulgent desserts, these are guaranteed to bring a little joy into your life.
nadiya in the kitchen
nadiya in the kitchen

Time to Eat

Nadiya shares a mouthwatering selection of stress-free recipes designed to help us all save time and calm our hectic lives.

Nadiya’s Asian Odyssey

Nadiya makes a surprise DNA discovery which sees her travel to far flung places exploring the people, places and food of Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal.
Nadiya’s search for connections in these countries takes her from the world-famous temples of Angkor Wat in the north of Cambodia and to a Muslim island in the deep south of Thailand.
nadiya in the kitchen

Nadiya’s Family Favourites

Beginning in July 2018, Nadiya returns to BBC Two with a brand new eight-part series Nadiya’s Family Favourites, with a wealth of dishes for families and friends to fit in with modern life.
In this new series, Nadiya shows that being a good cook isn’t just about mastering technique, the real secret is knowing just what to muster up for each occasion and creating dishes that will put smiles on everyone’s faces – including the cook.
Whether preparing food on a busy school night, or catering for a lazy social Sunday, the series will open the lid on the kinds of food Nadiya prepares for her family and friends, demonstrating how to create the perfect dishes to compliment these shared experiences.

Nadiya’s British Food Adventure

Nadiya embarks on a culinary road trip around Britain in a brand new series for BBC Two, which sees her travel the length and breadth of the country seeking out all that is great about British food today. In each episode Nadiya visits a different region to discover some of our most exciting food pioneers, before taking us into the kitchen to create her own delicious recipes.

This series sees Nadiya on a voyage of discovery across Britain, from the Highlands of Scotland to the coasts of Devon and Dorset, to find and taste the very best that the country has to offer.

Nadiya wants to find inspiration from local heroes who are creating unique ‘food stories’ and reviving artisan food traditions, meeting the passionate farmers, growers and fisherman who are the backbone of the British food scene. Using their local ingredients to form the basis of her new recipes, she will create inspiring and accessible dishes that showcase the very best of British.

nadiya in the kitchen

The Big Family Cooking Showdown

The Big Family Cooking Showdown is a major new competitive food show that meets a variety of families from across Britain, hosted by Nadiya and Zoe Ball with renowned chefs Rosemary Shrager and Giorgio Locatelli as judges and who will crown the nation’s best family of cooks.

16 families will welcome Nadiya, Zoe, Giorgio and Rosemary into their own kitchens to whip up dishes using their favourite family recipes.

Over the 12x60 minute series judges Giorgio and Rosemary will set challenges in both the studio kitchen and home kitchens up and down the country, whittling down the teams of cooks through a series of challenges.

The Chronicles of Nadiya

In this two part series, first shown on BBC1 in 2016, Nadiya explores the recipes that have shaped her love of cooking. Nadiya visits Bangladesh where her parents were born and where large parts of her extended family still reside. Part cookery show, part travel diary, Chronicles sees Nadiya travel to her family’s village and cook for a relative’s wedding feast as well as touring the country on a culinary adventure.

Junior Bake Off

In 2016, Nadiya became one of the judges on Junior Bake Off for CBBC alongside Allegra McAvedy with hosts Sam and Mark. Junior bakers competed to be ‘Junior Bake Off’ Champion by taking part in a series of Technical Bakes and Showstopper Challenges.

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