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Nadiya’s Kitchen

Published Published June 2016

Nadiya’s first cookbook after Great British Bake Off encapsulates alot of her favourite recipes. With chapters ranging from Lazy Sunday Mornings to Midnight Feasts, Snacks and Sharing to Dessert for Dinner, there’s a dish for any time of the day, for all of the family. Nadiya offers innovative twists on traditional classics and the perfect recipe for those staple meals and bakes, including: Best Fish Finger Butty, Churros French Toast, Cod and Clementine Curry Popcorn, White Chocolate and Peanut Slice, Za’atar and Lemon Palmiers, Bengali Korma plus Sour Cherry and Almond Bundt Cake and so much more.

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I am a mamma and a maker.
I am a wife and a weigher of flour.
I am a builder of Lego and baker of cake.
I am a family woman and a family cook.
I am Nadiya Hussain.

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